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Tech Support

Any problems?

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact our Tech Support directly. Our team is available from 7.00 am to 1.00 am.

Download TriCAT Application

If you have problems downloading the TriCAT application via your e-mail invitation, you can alternatively download the application here:




Create an individual account

You can join the TriCAT application via guest code (have a look at your TriCAT invitation e-mail). More comfort and a permanent styled avatar you can have, when you create an individual account via this link:!/register1


Mac Troubleshooting

You would like to use a Mac to enter our virtual venue? No problem, but please note the following procedure:

1) Download the DMG file via the link below in this e-mail

2) Open the DMG file and drag the app icon in your application folder (strongly needed)

3) Delete the DMG file

4) Open the app "TriCAT Congress Spaces C2" out of your Application folder. Please use one of the following ways for opening (repeat the step if it does not work at the first time):
- Open the app by holding the control-key while clicking on the app icon and then choose „open"
- Open the app by clicking the app icon with your right mouse button and then choose „open“

5) Wait until the application "TriCAT CongressSpaces C2" is launched

6) When your application is launched, please enter the “ guest access code” from your TriCAT invitation e-mail to enter the virtual venue

7) Style your avatar and start your session!